Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C vs 3H

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C vs 3H
The Xiaomi 3C and 3H have many similarities © Purifiertester.com
In short: The Xiaomi 3C and 3 H are very similar air purifiers. The biggest difference is the maximum surface area for which the air purifiers are suitable. Choose the Xiaomi 3H for rooms larger than 38 square meters. For smaller spaces, the cheaper Xiaomi 3C suffices.

There are an incredible number of different types of air purifiers available. There are not only many different brands: the brands themselves often offer an incredible number of varieties. If we just look at Xiaomi, for example, there are already dozens of different air purifiers.

The big difference of Xiaomi air purifiers is in particular the maximum surface area for which the air purifier is suitable. But, that is not always the only difference. In this comparison I include the Xiaomi Mi 3C and the 3H. Discover the biggest differences (and similarities) in this Xiaomi air purifier Mi 3C vs 3H comparison!

Differences: Xiaomi 3C vs 3h

When you put the Xiaomi Mi 3C next to the Xiaomi Mi 3H, you won’t see any differences at first glance. However, if we take a look under the hood, there are indeed differences. I’ll list them.

Maximum coverage area

The maximum coverage area of the Xiaomi Mi 3C is 38 square meters, which is a bit smaller than the Xiaomi Mi 3H. It is suitable for rooms up to 45 square meters. When choosing a new air purifier, it is always very important to pay attention to the maximum coverage area. If you place an air purifier in a room that is too large, it cannot clean it optimally.

The maximum area of the Xiaomi Mi 3C is 38 square meters, which is a bit smaller than the Xiaomi Mi 3H

CADR value

The CADR value is stated with almost every air purifier. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It indicates the volume of clean air produced by an air purifier, expressed in m3/h. The higher the CADR value, the more clean air is produced per hour.

The Xiaomi Mi 3C has a CADR value of 320 m3 per hour. That is a lower value than the Xiaomi Mi 3H, which has a CADR value of 380 m3 per hour.

Cleaning efficiency

In terms of cleaning efficiency (how much surface area an air purifier can clean in a given time frame) is also different. With 106 m2/h, the Xiaomi 3C is a lot less fast than the Xiaomi Mi 3H, which can clean 126 square meters per hour.

Noise level

The Xiaomi air purifier 3C is a bit quieter than the more powerful Mi 3H. The Xiaomi Mi 3C produces a noise level around 61 decibels, the 3H 64 decibels. Although there is a difference here, it is a small difference.


As expected, there is also a difference in prices. The Xiaomi Mi 3C, which is therefore suitable for smaller spaces and cleans less quickly, among other things, can be purchased from € 99. The more powerful Xiaomi Mi 3H is available from € 129.95.

Similarities: Xiaomi 3C vs 3h

However, there are also similarities between the two air purifiers from Xiaomi. I’ll list them!


Both the Xiaomi 3C and the Xiaomi 3H use a 360-degree all-in-one filter. This is a filter that is equipped with a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. This means that in addition to polluted particles in the air, dirty air can also be neutralized. The filters must be replaced in the same way and at the same frequency. View more information about Xiaomi air purifier filter replacement.

installing a new xiaomi filter
The filter is the same on the Mi 3C and the 3H. © Purifiertester.com


The air purifiers are both operated in the same way. You can easily link them to the Xiaomi Mi application, after which you can switch the air purifier on or off on your smartphone. There is also an LCD screen on the front of both air purifiers, where you get more information about the current mode. the WiFi connection and the air quality.

In addition, they both have the same modes:

  • Night mode: a mode with extra low noise level
  • Manual: this allows you to turn the air purifier on/off yourself
  • Automatic: the air purifier switches on automatically when necessary

On the top of the air purifier you will find a button to change the mode on both the Mi 3C and the Mi 3H.


The design is matching. The Xiaomi Mi 3C and the 3H look exactly the same and have the same dimensions: 240 * 240 & 520 mm.

xiaomi mi 3c design
The Xiaomi Mi 3C and 3H look the same. © Purifiertester.com

Compare specifications

Now that we’ve discussed the differences and similarities, let’s sort things out. View all specifications in the overview below.

SpecificationXiaomi 3CXiaomi 3H
Maximum coverage area38m245 m2
Filter systemHEPAHEPA
Noise level< 61 dB64 dB
Weight4.6 kg4.8 kg
CADR320 m3/h380 m3/h
WiFi Frequency2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Cleaning efficiency106 m2/h126 m2/h
Dimensions240 * 240 & 520 mm240 * 240 & 520 mm
Price indicationFrom $ 99From $ 129

Note: The above data is not based on our own research.

Conclusion: which air purifier is best?

Of course, the big question is which air purifier is best: the Xiaomi Mi 3C or the 3H. The answer to this depends on your wishes. For example, if you have a smaller space and a small budget, then the Xiaomi Mi 3C (best deals here) is a very good choice. However, for rooms larger than 38 square meters, it is better to opt for the Xiaomi 3H.

Both air purifiers have a good CADR value: at Purifiertester.com we maintain a CADR value lower limit of 300m3/h to speak of a good value. And both air purifiers meet this requirement.

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