Xiaomi Mi 3C Air Purifier review

xiaomi mi 3c review
The Xiaomi Mi 3C Air Purifier © Purifiertester.com
In short: the Xiaomi Mi air purifier is a good air purifier for little money. The air purifier is easy to operate and looks stylish. The app is not very extensive: you cannot view any analyses, but you can operate the air purifier remotely.

Note: At Purifiertester.com we will soon be conducting reviews with extensive measuring equipment. We will update this review shortly with new measurement results.

Xiaomi has a number of air purifiers in its range. These ‘Mi air purifiers’ look sleek and can be linked to the Xiaomi Home app. This can be very useful if you have several Xiaomi devices at home. You can then operate and control them from one central location.

To know how well such a Xiaomi air purifier works, I decided to buy one. I chose the Xiaomi Mi 3C. A cheap air purifier compared to other air purifiers. In this Xiaomi Mi 3C air purifier I discuss my experiences.

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A good air purifier for little money

The Xiaomi Mi 3C air purifier is a simple air purifier. It does what it should do, but offers no additional functions otherwise. You can operate the air purifier via the app. Maintenance is simple: the 3-in-1 filter is easy to replace.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good performances
  • Not hugely expensive
  • Few additional features
  • No analyses
  • Small surface

Unboxing Xiaomi Mi 3C Air Purifier

When I received the Xiaomi Mi 3C, I immediately noticed something: the box is quite small and does not weigh too much.

installing a new xiaomi filter
The complete contents of the package. © Purifiertester.com

Inside the package I find the following:

  1. Top of the air purifier: the part where the fan is incorporated.
  2. Bottom of the air purifier: the lower part where the filter is placed.
  3. Filter: forming a cylindrical 3-in-1
  4. Manual: user manual of the Xiaomi Mi 3C air purifier

Performance of the Xiaomi Mi 3C

At the time of writing, we are doing an extensive measurement of the performance of the Xiaomi Mi 3C. We do this with an air particle meter in an enclosed space. Unlike laboratories, we examine air purifiers in a ‘normal room’.

Although we are still conducting this test, I can already tell you something about the performance. The Xiaomi Mi air purifier has a CADR value of 320 m3/h. It’s a great value for an air purifier that’s suitable for rooms up to 38 square meters. Not familiar with CADR? Read more about what CADR rating is.

The air purifier is equipped with a 3-in-1 filter: there is a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. The air purifier is able to filter small particles down to 0.1 micron from the air and has a filter level of 99.99%. Thanks to the active carbon filter, the air purifier is also able to remove odors from the air.

xiaomi air puirifer filter replacement guide
The 3-in-1 filter of the air purifier. © Purifiertester.com

Design: Xiaomi air purifier

The XIaomi Mi 3C air purifier looks like ‘a real Mi air purifier’. Recently I did the Xiaomi Mi 3C vs 3H comparison, where it became clear that the air purifiers are very similar. The air purifier is white, square, not too big and equipped with a small display.

xiaomi mi 3c air purifier cadr
The Xiaomi Mi 3C has a sleek design. © Purifiertester.com

The fan can be found at the top of the air purifier; the bottom is not lubricated then a plastic housing where you can put the filter. The air purifier looks sleek and is not very noticeable. Important factors for an air purifier that should not stand out too much in a room.

The air purifier looks sleek and is not very noticeable.

Usability: Xiaomi Mi 3C

The ease of use of an air purifier is a broad concept. To assess ease of use, I examine the following factors:

  • Service
  • Functions (modes)
  • Noise level
  • Maintenance

I discuss my experience with every factor of the Xiaomi Mi 3C Air Purifier.

Operation: Xiaomi Home app and functions

The Xiaomi Mi 3C air purifier can be operated in two ways: with buttons on the device or via the Xiaomi Home app. At the top of the air purifier you will discover two buttons: an on/off button and a mode button.

xiaomi mi air purifier reset button
The two buttons on the top of the air purifier. © Purifiertester.com

By adding the air purifier to the Xiaomi Home app, you can control the device remotely. You must then add it to your WiFi network. This is not mandatory: you can also use it without WiFi. The app itself doesn’t offer much extra: you can view real-time air quality, but there are no historical data or analyses.

Features: three different modes

The Xiaomi air purifier has three different modes: an automatic mode, a manual mode or a night mode. In this last mode, the device works quieter, so you can also put it in the bedroom. No idea where you can best place an air purifier? See my guide ‘Where to place an air purifier?‘ For more information.

I always recommend that you put the air purifier in automatic mode. The air purifier starts automatically when the air quality is poor and you do not have to monitor this.

Noise level: quiet air purifier

Although the noise level is often stated on the packaging of air purifiers, I always do a test myself. Xiaomi promises a noise level below 61 decibels and that proves to be true: with my decibel meter I measure a noise level of 58 decibels on the most powerful mode. With this I label it as a quiet air purifier. In addition, you also have the option to put the Mi 3C in night mode. In this mode it is even quieter.

Maintenance: cleaning and filter replacement

The maintenance of an air purifier is an important part of my reviews. As you may know, an air purifier is equipped with filters. I think it is important that you can easily replace the air purifier filter and that this should not be too expensive.

Like many other air purifiers, the Xiaomi Mi 3C’s filter is not washable. You will have to replace this. Fortunately, replacing the Xiaomi air purifier filter is very simple. It requires no technical knowledge and because it is a 3-in-1 filter you only have to buy a filter once.

You can view the lifespan of the filter in the Xiaomi Home app. That way you know exactly when to replace it.

Specifications Xiaomi Mi 3C

Now that we have taken all the measurements, I can list the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi 3C air purifier.

SpecificationTest result
Maximum surface38 m2
FilterHEPA filter, active carbon filter and pre-filter
Noise level 58 decibels
CADR-rating320 m3/h
Dimensions240 * 240 * 520 mm
WiFi2.4 GHz
PriceFrom $ 99

Conclusion Xiaomi Mi 3C air purifier review

The Xiaomi Mi 3C is an air purifier for surfaces up to 38 square meters. There is a good CADR rating of 320 m3/h. The air purifier has three different modes, including an automatic mode. With a noise level of 58 decibels, it is a silent air purifier.

The air purifier has few other functionalities besides cleaning the air. For example, you cannot use it to heat or cool rooms. On the other hand, the air purifier remains cheap. With a starting price of 100 euros, it is a cheap air purifier.

In summary: if you are looking for a simple air purifier that you don’t have to pay too much for, you make a good choice with the Xiaomi Mi 3C air purifier. Don’t expect many features though: you can’t analyze results.

Bram Tigchelaar

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