Xiaomi Air Purifier Filter Replacement: How and How Often?

xiaomi air puirifer filter replacement guide
Het filter van een Xiaomi luchtreiniger © Purifiertester.com
In short: a Xiaomi Mi air purifier is equipped with an all-in-one filter. You cannot clean this filter, but you must replace it regularly. Replacement is easy and requires no technical knowledge. Xiaomi recommends replacing the filter every 6-12 months.

Every Mi air purifier from Xiaomi is equipped with a powerful filter. Air passing through the air purifier passes through this filter, after which small polluting particles are filtered out of the air. These particles remain behind in the filter, after which the clean air is blown back into the room.

Unlike many other air purifiers, the filter of a Xiaomi air purifier is not washable. You will have to replace them regularly. How and how often should you do this? I’ll tell you everything you need to know in this article!

Why do you need to replace the Xiaomi air purifier filter?

A filter is an indispensable part of an air purifier. This is where the air is filtered. If a filter is dirty, it can become clogged. In that case, no proper filtering can take place and the air is therefore poorly cleaned.

Problems if you don’t replace the filter in time

Failure to replace the filter regularly will not only impair cleaning performance, but may also result in the following problems:

  • The Xiaomi air purifier can filter the air less well
  • The air purifier may start to smell
  • Suddenly a lot of noise can come from the Mi air purifier
  • The service life can be greatly reduced

Reasons enough to replace the filter regularly.

Step-by-step plan Xiaomi air purifier filter replacement

The big advantage of a Xiaomi air filter is that it is an all-in-one filter. Where you sometimes have to buy three filters with other air filters, here you only have to buy one air purifier filter.

When you have purchased the correct filter, you can follow the steps below to replace it correctly.

  1. Press the two buttons on the sides to lift off the top part of the purifier
  2. Remove the filter from the air purifier by lifting it out
  3. Place the new filter in the air purifier: look carefully at what is above and below
  4. Put the top part back on the air purifier
installing a new xiaomi filter
You can easily install the Xiaomi air purifier filter. © Purifiertester.com

Watch the steps for replacing the filter in the video below.

Xiaomi filter reset after replacement

After replacing the filter it is necessary to reset the filter. You do this by holding down the Mode button for 15 seconds. You will then hear three beeps, after which the air quality indicator will flash green (three times). At that point you have successfully reset the filter.

After replacing the filter it is necessary to reset the filter

How often should you replace the filter?

Now that you know how to easily replace the filter, it’s also important to know how often to do it. Xiaomi recommends1Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier filter, Mi.com to replace the filter for a new one every 6-12 months.

The location of the air purifier strongly influences the replacement frequency. Read more about where to place an air purifier.


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