Winix P150 Air Purifier review

Winix Air Purifier review WACP150
The Winix P150 Air Purifier. ©
In short: the Winix P150 is a simple air purifier that is easy to use. The air purifier is equipped with Winix PlasmaWave technology, which also removes odors and bacteria from the air. The air purifier cannot be connected to your smartphone.

Winix proves that air purifiers do not always have to cost a lot of money. The brand has various air purifiers in its range for a ‘relatively’ low price. At least, if I compare this with air purifiers from Dyson, for example.

To find out if these air purifiers work well, I decided to buy one. I opted for the Winix P150 air purifier: a simple air purifier with few extra functionalities. I discuss my experiences in this comprehensive Winix P150 air purifier review.

6.3Expert Score
Cheap air purifier with no extras

The Winix P150 is a very simple air purifier. It is suitable for rooms up to 35 m2 and has an automatic mode. If the air purifier measures many allergens, it will work harder. There is also a night mode, where the air purifier makes less noise. Keep in mind that you can’t control it remotely: you don’t get a remote control and you can’t connect it to your smartphone.

  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Easy maintenance
  • Not remotely controllable
  • No app

Unboxing Winix P150 air purifier

It becomes clear that this is a small, lightweight air purifier when I receive the box of the Winix P150. I discover the following in the package:

  • Winix P150: the air purifier
  • Filter holder: to hold the filters in place
  • Pre-filter: a washable pre-filter
  • HEPA filter: a replaceable HEPA filter
  • Active carbon filter: a filter that can remove odors
different winix air purifier filters
The Winix air purifier with all filters. ©

Performance: How good is the Winix P150?

At we test air purifiers in ‘normal situations’. This means that we do not use a closed laboratory, but simply our own office. We do all our air purifier reviews in this room, so that we can also compare them with each other.

Note: It is good to emphasize that we can revise our air purifier reviews after a longer period of time: you cannot test an air purifier in one day. You need a longer period of time to measure the better results.

The Winix P150 is suitable for a room of up to 35 square meters. This makes it a great air purifier for the bedroom, but you will probably have to look for a larger model for the living room. The CADR rating of the air purifier is 175 m3/h, which is good.

Under the hood of the air purifier I discover a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. This air purifier uses the Winix PlasmaWave technology. This uses an electric charge.

Because of this technology, there is actually an ionizer air purifier. Winix promises1Winix PlasmaWave technology, that it can remove bacteria from the air: “WINIX PlasmaWave technology makes hydroxyls to reduce bacteria and viruses without producing harmful ozone”, according to Winix.

WINIX Plasmawave technology creates hydroxyls to reduce bacteria and viruses without producing harmful ozone

Design of the Winix P150

The Winix P150 is the smallest model of the Winix PlasmaWave air purifier series. In addition to the Winix P150, there is also a P300 and a P450. The difference is not only the maximum cleaning surface, but also the dimensions. The Winix P150 is 47 centimeters high. This makes it a compact air purifier.

winix p150 design
It is a compact air purifier. ©

I myself am not a fan of a lot of visible text and buttons on the device. That is unfortunately the case with this Winix air purifier. The entire top is equipped with an extensive control panel. This is not the case, for example, with the Xiaomi Mi 3C air purifier, which only has two buttons and a small LCD display.

winix p150 buttons
The top of the Winix air purifier. ©

Ease of use of the Winix air purifier

How easy is the Winix air purifier to operate? And what about the noise level? I rated the Winix P150’s ease of use by looking at the following factors:

  • Functions
  • Service
  • Noise level

Features of the Winix P150

In my opinion, it is best to put an air purifier in an automatic mode. With this you no longer have to monitor the air quality and it will start working automatically if necessary. This is also the case with the Winix P150. There is even an air indicator on the top, which indicates the current air quality: from a green light (good) to a red light (poor).

air quality sensor winix p150
The Air Quality Sensor displays the acute air quality. ©

When the Winix P150 detects poor air quality, it will automatically work harder. The same applies the other way around: if the air quality is good, it will clean the air less vigorously. You also have the choice to set the mode yourself.

Automatic night mode

Another special feature is the automatic night mode. The Winix P150 air purifier is equipped with a light sensor. When it gets dark, the air purifier will automatically make less noise, which is of course nice if you want to sleep and you have it in the bedroom.

Operation: not remote

Unfortunately, this series of Winix air purifiers cannot be connected to your smartphone. Unfortunately, you cannot operate the Winix P150 remotely via an app. I also don’t get a remote control, so you are forced to walk to the air purifier if you want to operate it.

I also don’t get a remote control, so you are forced to walk to the air purifier if you want to operate it.

The operation itself is easy to operate. There is a button with which you can adjust the mode and a button with which you switch on automatic mode.

There is also of course an on/off button on top of the device. A Winix filter reset is done by pressing a very small button.

Noise level: silent air purifier

An important factor of an air purifier is the noise level. Winix states a noise level of 46 decibels with the Winix P150. This turns out not to be a lie: my noise measurement with a decibel meter comes out at 48 decibels on the highest setting. With this I speak of a silent air purifier. The noise level is even lower than 48 decibels when in silent mode.

Maintenance: Clean and replace Winix P150 filters

The Winix air purifier is equipped with three filters: a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. If we look at cleaning the Winix filters, this is only possible with the pre-filter. You can vacuum it or carefully wash it under the tap (without detergent). When it has dried completely, you can put it back in the air purifier.

The HEPA filter and the active carbon filter are unfortunately not washable. You should replace these regularly. The replacement frequency that Winix recommends:

Winix FilterReplacement frequency
HEPA-Filter12 months
Actief koolstoffilter3 months

Replacement frequency Replacing the filters is super simple and requires no technical knowledge. You have to be careful how you place them. View a complete manual for replacing a Winix filter.

The filters are not very expensive. Take into account an amount of approximately € 45 for a package with a HEPA filter and three active carbon filters. I strongly advise you to always buy filters in multiples: with this you will never go wrong if you have to replace them and you will often be cheaper.

Winix P150 specifications

Now that we have done all the tests, I can list all the results and the specifications of the Winix P150. Check them out below.

SpecificationTest result
Maximum surface35 m2
FilterPre-filter, HEPA-Filter, active carbon filter
Noise level48 decibels
CADR-rate175 m3/h
Dimensions35*23*47 cm
PriceFrom $ 169

Conclusion Winix P150 review

The Winix P150 air purifier is an excellent air purifier for smaller spaces. With a cleaning area of 35 square meters, it is not an air purifier for the larger living rooms. The Winix PlasmaWave technology present ensures that contaminated particles are removed using ionization.

With a noise level of only 48 decibels, this is a silent air purifier. And does it get dark at night? Then the air purifier automatically switches to silent mode. Thanks to the automatic mode, the cleaning intensity is automatically increased when the air quality is poor. You can monitor the air quality in real time on top of the device.

Unfortunately, you cannot operate it via your smartphone and I do not discover a remote control in the package. So you cannot operate it remotely.

In summary: the Winix P150 air purifier is a good air purifier for small spaces. Keep in mind that besides cleaning the air, it has no additional functions and cannot be operated remotely. You do not pay for this, making it a cheap air purifier.


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