Winix Filter Replacement: How and How Often?

winix filter replacement guide
You also have to replace the Winix active carbon filter regularly ©
In short: although you can clean Winix filters, you will also have to replace them regularly with new ones. If the filters are worn out after a while, they will filter less well. You can easily replace the filters yourself. Tip: buy the filters in a complete package, this is cheaper than buying them individually.

A Winix air purifier has several filters. Air drawn into the device passes through these filters, so that polluting particles can be filtered out of the air. These particles remain behind in the filter. You will have to replace the filters regularly, so that the air is filtered properly.

In this article I tell you everything you need to know about replacing a Winix filter. Because how do you replace the filters and how often do you have to replace a specific filter?

Why regular replacement of Winix filters is important

Let’s first briefly consider why it is so important that you replace the filters regularly. In my manual for cleaning a Winix filter, I already explained that there is really only one filter that you can wash. You have to replace the rest. Failure to do so may result in the following problems:

  • The Winix air purifier can filter the air less well
  • The air purifier may start to smell
  • There can suddenly be a lot of sound (noise) coming from the air purifier
  • The lifespan of the Winix air purifier can be significantly reduced

Which filters do you need to replace?

A Winix air purifier consists of different filters. Almost all models have the following air cleaners under the hood:

  • True HEPA filter
  • Active carbon filter
  • Prefilter

All filters should be replaced regularly. Yes, including the pre-filter, although you can also vacuum it regularly.

different winix air purifier filters
The different filters of a Winix air purifier. ©

Step-by-step plan Winix filter replacement

Replacing the Winix filters is a simple job. It requires no technical knowledge and you can do it yourself. It is important to buy the right filters: there may be differences between the filters of different Winix air purifiers. View the steps below for replacing the Winix filters.

  1. Switch off the Winix air purifier and pull the plug out of the socket
  2. Open the front panel by pulling the top forward
  3. Press the tabs on the top of the pre-filter to pull it off
  4. Remove the carbon filter and the True HEPA filter from the Winix air purifier
  5. Get the new filters (remove the plastic cover around the filters)
  6. First place the HEPA filter in the air purifier, followed by the carbon filter
  7. Click the pre-filter back into the Winix air purifier (bottom tabs first)
  8. Reinstall the front panel

After replacing the filters, it is very important to reset the Winix air purifier. With a thin object (such as a paper clip) you can press the RESET button for 5 seconds. In this way, the air purifier knows that new filters have been placed in the air purifier. In the video below I show you how to replace the filters.

How often to clean Winix filter?

Now that we know how to replace the filters, it is of course also interesting to know how often you have to do this. In the overview below you will discover the replacement frequency.

Winix FilterHow often to replace?
True HEPA FilterEvery 6 – 12 months
Active Carbon FilterEvery 3 months
PrefilterPermanent filter

While there are guidelines, the environment also affects how often you should replace them. Read more information about where to place an air purifier.

There are Winix air purifiers that indicate with an LED light that it is necessary to replace the filter. That’s why resetting the device is so important. Note: This indication is only for replacing the True HEPA filter.

Tip set a reminder for regular maintenance!

Although an indicator light indicates that it is necessary to replace the HEPA filter, I still advise you to set a reminder. In many cases, an air purifier is switched on for 24 hours and starts working automatically, so that you will see the LED light less quickly.

Cleaning a Winix air purifier is also very important. This can even mean that you have to replace the filters less often.

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