Winix Air Purifier Red Light: Why is it Blinking?

winix air purifier blinking red light
A red light may suddenly start flashing on your Winix air purifier ©
In short: a red flashing light on your Winix air purifier indicates that you need to clean or replace the filter. Discover the right filters for a competitive price here! After replacing or cleaning the filters, it is important that the air purifier resets, otherwise the light will remain on.

There are many different Winix air purifiers. Apart from the various versions and models, they often have the same filters and they often work the same. This also applies to notifications and indicator lights, which indicate that something needs to be done or that something is going on.

When you see a red light flashing on your Winix air purifier, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll tell you why it’s blinking and how to fix it quickly and easily.

Why is a red light blinking?

A Winix air purifier is equipped with various sensors, with which the quality of the device can be monitored. When you need to take action, the Winix air purifier can indicate this. This is usually done via LED indicator lights on the top of the air purifier.

When a red light flashes, the following may be the case:

  • The filters are dirty and need to be cleaned
  • The filters are not placed properly or are not recognized
  • The filters need to be replaced

Below the red light is an icon of a filter that needs to be replaced. That looks like this:

xiaomi filter replacement icon
The filter replacement icon. ©

This is how to fix the blinking red light

When a red light is on, you will therefore have to check the filters: most likely they need to be replaced. Here you can discover the best deals on Winix filters.

You can follow the steps below for this:

  • Switch off the Winix air purifier and remove the plug from the socket
  • Remove the front panel from the air purifier
  • Push out the pre-filter with the two tabs at the top
  • Remove the HEPA filter and carbon filter
  • Put the new filters back in the air cleaner in the same way
  • Place the front panel back on the air purifier

When replacing the filters, make sure you replace them correctly. On the True HEPA filter, Winix has clearly indicated with arrows how to replace it.

filter placement winix
It is indicated on the filters how to put them back. ©

Find out more? Then read my manual for replacing a Winix filter.

Light stays on, even after replacing filters

It is true that the light continues to flash red after replacing the filters. You still have to reset it, which indicates that new filters have been placed in the Winix air purifier. You can do this with an elongated and thin object, such as a paper clip. You will see a small hole next to the red flashing light. Press the button for 5 seconds to reset the air purifier.

If the light still stays on, you may need to clean the pre-filter thoroughly. Although the pre-filter does not need to be replaced, it is necessary to clean it regularly. This will prevent blockages. See here how to clean a Winix filter.

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