Which Dyson Purifier Should I Buy?

which dyson purifier should i buy
There are many different Dyson air purifiers. © Product images Dyson, illustration Purifiertester.com

When you want to buy a new air purifier from Dyson, you can get lost in the range. Dyson has many different air purifiers, where the differences are sometimes unclear. To help you make the best choice, I’ve created a complete guide to all Dyson air purifiers. Find out which Dyson air purifier is the best to buy!

Choosing a Dyson air purifier: this is how you discover the best

Before you just buy an air purifier, it is good to consider a number of important points. For example, it is important to determine in advance where you want to use the Dyson air purifier, so that you can take into account the maximum cleaning surface.

There are three main points to consider:

  • Functionalities: do you only want to clean the air, or should the air purifier also be able to heat the room?
  • Space: an air purifier has a maximum cleaning range. How big is the room where you want to use the Dyson purifier? You can also wish for a low noise level in the bedroom.
  • Placement: Do you want to place the air purifier on the floor or on a bedside table?

Let’s discuss each point and find out what the possibilities are.

Dyson air purifier features

Dyson air purifiers can have different functionalities. There are air purifiers that only clean, but also air purifiers that can heat and cool the room. Broadly speaking, there are three types of air purifiers:

  • Dyson air purifiers that can humidify and cool
  • Dyson air purifiers that can heat and cool
  • Dyson air purifiers that can cool down

If you want to buy an air purifier that can both clean the air and cool the air, a model from the Dyson Pure Cool line is a good choice. Do you want a Dyson air purifier that heats correctly? Then it’s best to buy a Dyson Pure Hot+Cool model.

Room: in which room do you want to use Dyson air purifier?

In addition to the functionality, it is also important to determine where you want to place the air purifier. In my guide ‘Where to put an air purifier?‘ I tell you what to look out for and what the best location for an air purifier is.

When buying an air purifier, it is important to pay attention to the maximum surface area and the CADR Rating. Check whether the Dyson air purifier is suitable for the room in which you want to place it in terms of maximum surface area. View a small overview of suitable Dyson air purifiers below.

SurfaceDyson air purifier
< 26 m2Dyson Hot+Cool
< 26 m2Dyson Pure Cool Tower
> 26 m2Dyson Pure Cool Desk

Do you have a larger space? Then it is smart to consider several Dyson air purifiers.

Location: where do you want to place the air purifier?

Finally, it is very important to determine where you place the air purifier. Do you put it on the floor or would you rather place it on a bedside table in the bedroom? The Dyson air purifiers are very similar, but differ enormously in height. And not all Dyson air purifiers are suitable for placing on small surfaces.

If you plan to place the air purifier on the floor, it’s best to opt for the Dyson Pure Cool Tower. If you want to place the air purifier on your bedside table or, for example, on the desk at the office, it is better to buy the Dyson Pure Me. This is the smallest Dyson air purifier. You can also opt for the Pure Cool Desk or the Pure Hot+Cool, which can also be placed on small surfaces.

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