Smartmi Air Circulator Fan launched: HomeKit fan

Smartmi Air Circulator Fan launched
The new Smartmi fan has HomeKit support © Smartmi

Smartmi, known for its air purifiers, has launched a new fan with HomeKit support: the Smartmi Air Circulator Fan. It is a smart fan that uses an AI algorithm.

Smartmi Air Circulator Fan

The new Smartmi Air Circulator Fan is not just a fan. The fan imitates the wind from outside in the most natural way possible. An algorithm based on artificial intelligence is used for this.

A temperature sensor can be found under the hood of the new Smartmi fan. The fan speed is automatically adjusted if necessary. You can also adjust this speed manually.

Wireless and super quiet

Thanks to a closed engine compartment and streamlined parts, there is a super quiet fan. Another striking point of the new fan is that it is equipped with a battery.

This allows you to easily move it and place it anywhere in the house. In addition, the Smartmi fan can oscillate vertically and horizontally.

Home kit support

The smart fan comes with a remote control, but you can also control it via your smartphone via WiFi (2.4 GHz). In fact, the Smartmi Air Circulator supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. This allows you to include the fan in smart home scenarios.

Smartmi Air Circulator release date and price

It is not yet known when the new Smartmi Air Circulator will be available. Smartmi has not yet shared an exact release date: on the product page, Smartmi reports ‘coming soon’. There is no information yet about the price.

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