Shark air purifier with NanoSeal (HP100) review

shark hp100 air purifier review test
The Shark air purifier with Auto IQ. ©
In short: the Shark air purifier with NanoSeal (HP100) is suitable for small spaces up to 60 square meters. It is a compact air purifier that you can operate very easily. The Shark air purifier is equipped with a nanoseal HEPA filter that can filter polluted dust particles and odors from the air. This filter is not washable and should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. View the best deal here.

Shark, also known as Shark Clean, has air purifiers in its range in addition to vacuum cleaners. The brand regularly launches innovative air purifiers with special technology, of which the NanoSeal HEPA filter is a good example.

I have decided to buy a Shark air purifier with NanoSeal, the Shark HP100 to be precise, and to test it extensively. In this Shark with NanoSeal air purifier review I discuss my experiences.

7.3Expert Score
Compact air purifier for small spaces

The Shark HP100 (see the best deal here) is a good air purifier for small spaces (60 square meters). It is a compact air purifier that is equipped with an automatic cleaning function and a silent night mode. The air purifier is equipped with a NANOSEAL HEPA filter that you can easily replace.

  • Automatic cleaning
  • Silent night mode
  • Easy to maintain
  • Small cleaning area

Shark air purifier HP100 unboxing

When you receive the packaging of the Shark air purifier, something immediately becomes clear: it is a compact air purifier. I therefore do not discover many different accessories in the packaging.

shark hp100 unboxing
Package Contents ©
  1. Shark HP100: the Shark air purifier with NanoSeal HEPA filter
  2. NanoSeal HEPA filter: the all-in-one filter for cleaning the air
  3. User Manual: Information on how to use and maintain the air purifier

Performance: How well does the Shark HP100 clean the air?

Let’s start the review with the performance of the Shark HP100 air purifier. The air purifier is suitable for surfaces up to a maximum of 60 square meters. This makes it an air purifier for smaller spaces. You can think of a bedroom or a hall.

Under the hood of the air purifier I discover a NANOSEAL HEPA filter. This filter is capable of filtering 99.97% of particles from the air, as small as 0.3 microns. The filter consists of several filters:

  • Pre-filter: for filtering larger dust particles
  • Carbon filter: for neutralizing odors
  • HEPA filter: for filtering small dust particles

With small dust particles you can think of allergens, dust, dirt, pollen and viruses.

shark air purifier filter replacement guide
The NANOSEAL HEPA filter consists of several filters. ©

Design: compact air purifier

As soon as I open the package, I notice how small and compact the Shark HP100 air purifier is. It is cylindrical and has a ribbed structure on the underside. At the top of the air purifier I discover the display to operate the air purifier.

how to reset shark air purifier filter
The display of the Shark HP100 air purifier. ©

What does not seem to have been well thought out is the opening of the filter. You have to turn the purifier upside down to replace the filter. Since the display can be found there, there is a good chance that you can damage it.

What does not seem to have been well thought out is the opening of the filter. You have to turn the purifier upside down to replace the filter

Ease of use: Shark HP100 air purifier

To assess the ease of use of an air purifier, I always test several factors. For example, I look at how the air purifier should be operated, what functions it has and what the noise level is. Let’s see how the Shark HP100 air purifier scores.

Operation and functionalities

As I just mentioned, the Shark air purifier with NANOSEAL is equipped with a control panel on the top. When the air purifier is on, this touchscreen is illuminated. The display can be found on the front of the air purifier, where you can see at a glance how the air quality is doing.

You can also see on the display how long the filter will last or the amount of particulate matter in three different levels:

  • PM 10: Dust, mold and pollen
  • PM 2.5: smoke and bacteria
  • PM 1.0: viruses, allergens and particulate matter
shark air purifier filter life
The display of the air purifier is easy to read. ©

The air purifier has a number of interesting functions, including an automatic cleaning function. This allows the Shark HP100 to start cleaning itself when the air quality is poor. You can also set the fan speed manually in four different levels.

Thanks to the ‘shut-off’ timer, you can switch off the air purifier automatically after a certain time. This can be useful if you go away for a while.

Noise level: silent air purifier with night mode

An important test within my air purifier reviews is the noise level of an air purifier. I test this with my own decibel meter, with the purifier on its highest mode.

Shark promises a maximum noise level of up to 60 decibels. And that doesn’t seem to be much of a lie: my own test comes out at 63 decibels. The air purifier also features a night mode: this makes the Shark HP100 much quieter (around 40 decibels). And does the luminous display bother you at night? Then you can dim the light manually.

Shark promises a maximum noise level of 41 decibels. And that doesn’t seem to be much of a lie: my own test comes out at 43 decibels.

Maintenance: cleaning and filter replacement

The maintenance of an air purifier is very important. As you may know, an air purifier works simply: air is sucked into the device, after which it is passed through a filter. The filter removes small (polluted) particles from the air, after which clean air is blown back into the room.

To maintain a good CADR rating and cleaning performance, it is important that you maintain the air purifier properly. Maintenance includes not only replacing the filter, but also cleaning the housing.

Cleaning Shark HP100

You can easily clean the Shark HP100 with a dry microfiber cloth. You could optionally wipe the exterior of the air purifier with a clean cloth with a little water. The use of chemical cleaning agents is not recommended. You cannot use the air purifier again until it has dried completely.

For the interior you could use a vacuum cleaner with a soft dusting brush. In the manual for cleaning a Shark air purifier I did how you can do this.

cleaning shark air purifier interior
Cleaning the interior of the Shark air purifier. ©

Replace Shark HP100 filter

The Shark HP100 air purifier is equipped with a NANOSEAL HEPA filter. Although the filter is unfortunately not washable, there is a big advantage. This filter is an all-in-one filter. In other words: you only need to replace one filter to immediately replace all filters. Replacing the filter is very simple, but as I just mentioned, you have to be careful not to damage the control panel.

You can follow the steps below for this:

  1. Turn off the air purifier
  2. Remove the plug from the socket
  3. Place the air purifier upside down
  4. Unscrew the cover from the bottom
  5. Lift the NANOSEAL HEPA filter from the air purifier
  6. Place the new filter back into the air cleaner in the same way

The air purifier is ready for use again. In the video below for replacing a Shark air purifier filter, I used this HP100 as an example.

You should replace the filter between 6 and 12 months. The replacement frequency depends, among other things, on where you place the air purifier. Shark recommends flipping and rotating the filter every 3 months for longer life.

Important: Reset Shark HP100 filter

With the Shark HP100 you can see on the display how the life of the filter is doing. When you have placed a new filter, it is very important to reset this lifespan. See how to reset a Shark air purifier filter.


In the overview below you will discover all the specifications of the Shark HP100 in a row.

SpecificationTest Result
Maximum surface60 m2
FilterNANOSEAL HEPA filter: Pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter
Noise level43 decibels
PriceBest deal >

Conclusion Shark HP100 air purifier review

The Shark HP100 is an air purifier for small spaces up to 60 square meters. It works very simply and is easy to operate. Thanks to the automatic mode, you can let the air purifier automatically clean the air. You can manually set the air purifier ventilation mode.

The air purifier is easy to maintain: the NANOSEAL HEPA filter, which can remove both odors and very small particles from the air. It is an all-in-one filter and can be easily exchanged for a new one. Take into account a replacement frequency of 6 to 12 months. You can check the life of the filter on the display.

In summary: looking for a compact air purifier to clean the air in rooms smaller than 60 square meters? Then this air purifier is a great choice. Keep in mind that this air purifier cannot be operated remotely. View this air purifier at Amazon.

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