Shark Air Purifier Filter Replacement: how and how often?

shark air purifier filter replacement guide
In short: a Shark air purifier is equipped with a filter. The air purifier filters are not washable. Depending on the use, you have to replace the filters between 6 and 12 months. You can extend the life by rotating the filter every three months. Replacing filters does not require any technical knowledge, but it is important to buy the right filter.

A Shark air purifier is equipped with filters. These filters ensure that polluted particles can be removed from the air. Is it a filter with an active carbon filter? Then even odors can be removed from your home.

To ensure that the air can be filtered properly, you should replace the filters regularly. If you do not do this in time, they can become clogged and there may be reduced cleaning performance. How and how often do you replace the Shark air purifiers? I’m going to tell you!

Why Replace Shark Air Purifier Filters?

As I just mentioned, it is very important to regularly replace the filters of your Shark air purifier. Let me list the main reasons:

  • To maintain good cleaning performance
  • Prevent blockages in the filters
  • Less chance of unpleasant odors (stench)

In addition, proper maintenance of an air purifier can contribute to a longer life of your Shark air purifier.

How to replace Shark air purifier filter?

Although there are many different Shark air purifiers, replacing the filters is often the same. Almost all Shark air purifiers are equipped with an all-in-one filter. So you actually only have to replace one filter.

  1. Turn off the Shark purifier
  2. Remove the plug from the socket
  3. Remove the cover behind which the filter is placed
  4. Remove the filter from the Shark air purifier
    • Multiple filters? Remember the order!
  5. Take the new air cleaner filter(s).
  6. Place it in the air purifier in the same way

I demonstrate the steps in the video below. I use the Shark HP100 air purifier as an example.

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After replacing the filter, it is important to reset the filter service life. You do this with most Shark air purifiers by pressing and holding the filter icon for three seconds. You will then hear a sound signal.

How often should you replace the filter?

Now that we know how to replace the Shark air purifier filter, it is also important to know how often you should do this. Shark recommends replacing the filter between 6 and 12 months. The replacement frequency depends, among other things, on where you place the air purifier and how often you use it.

Bekijk een aantal factoren die van invloed zijn op vaak je het filter moet vervangen:

  • Location: An air purifier in the kitchen will get dirty faster than an air purifier for the bedroom.
  • Season: (in spring, for example, there are more pollen)
  • Condition of the environment: in a clean house the filter will last longer than in a house where there is hardly any cleaning.

Do you want to know exactly how the life of your Shark air purifier filter is? Then you can press the filter icon. You will then see (in percentages) how long the filter will last.

shark air purifier filter life
View the filter’s lifespan via the display. ©

Tip: turn the air purifier filter every 3 months

I conclude my manual with a very handy maintenance tip. You can significantly extend the life of the filter by flipping and rotating the filter every three months. This balances the filtering.

In summary: by replacing the filter of your Shark air purifier on time, you maintain good cleaning performance. It is recommended to replace the filter between 6 and 12 months. You can extend the life by flipping and rotating the filter every three months.

Bram Tigchelaar

Bram Tigchelaar

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  1. The design of the Shark filters, having that 1st layer to trap large PCs of dust, dirt and lint, one can vacuum the 1st layer off. I use my vacuum’s hand attachments and all the dirt comes right off. Doing this, and rotating the filters if you have smaller units, will nearly double your filter life. The HEPA multi filter portion of the filter is actually beyond that 1st layer and can’t be cleaned. But it’s that 1st layer doing 80% of the work removing dirt and dust. The inner portions of filter remove the spores and, if you have charcoal, odors.

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