Qlima D620 review: a powerful dehumidifier

qlima d620 dehumidifier review
The Qlima D620 dehumidifier. © Purifiertester.com
In short: the Qlima D620 is a dehumidifier with a large water reservoir. There is a powerful fan and it is suitable for rooms up to 52 square meters. The dehumidifier has a night mode and is easy to operate.

Qlima has a wide range of household appliances, including dehumidifiers. These devices can be very interesting in rooms where the humidity is very high. Think of cellars, basements or bathrooms.

A popular choice is the Qlima D620. The company talks about a ‘powerful dehumidifier’. I have decided to buy this dehumidifier from Qlima and to test it extensively. Discover my experiences in this Qlima D620 review.

7.5Expert Score
A powerful dehumidifier

The Qlima D620 performs well: it has a powerful airflow and is able to quickly lower the humidity in rooms up to 52 square meters. Thanks to the large 4-liter water tank, you don’t have to empty it that often. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain and drivable. Keep in mind a minimum working temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

  • Powerful fan
  • Easy maintenance
  • Large water reservoir
  • Drivable
  • Expensive
  • Minimum working temperature of 16°C
  • Not for larger spaces

Unboxing Qlima D620: contents of the package

The Qlima D620 is packed in a large square box, which already reveals its size. It is not a small dehumidifier. And when lifting the packaging, I can also already report that it is not a lightweight choice. View the total contents of the package below.

qlima d620 unboxing
The contents of the package. © Purifiertester.com
  1. Qlima D620: the air purifier itself.
  2. Water tank: a 4 liter tank
  3. Active carbon filter: a 3 layer filter with an active carbon filter
  4. 3M HAF-Filter: a filter for cleaning the air
  5. Mesh filter: the pre-filter and the filter cover
  6. Drain hose: connection for permanent water drainage

You can optionally use the supplied drain hose (6). This can be useful if you do not want to empty the Qlima D620 manually.

Performance of the Qlima D620 dehumidifier

The Qlima D620 is a dehumidifier. I judge the performance of a dehumidifier by checking factors such as the maximum cleaning surface, the minimum operating temperature and the air flow.

The dehumidifier has an air flow of 160 cubic meters per hour. The dehumidifier is suitable for rooms up to 54 square meters. If we look at the minimum working temperature, this is 16 degrees Celsius.

  • Airflow: 160 m3/h
  • Cleaning area: 54 m2
  • Minimum working temperature: 16°C
Note: At Purifiertester.com, we test air quality products over a longer period of time. We will update this review when we have more user experiences.

Design Qlima D620

The Qlima D620 looks as you would expect from a dehumidifier: white and square! The air purifier is equipped with a water-resistant housing. This makes it an interesting air purifier for the bathroom or other areas where the device can get wet quickly.

qlima d620 design
The Qlima D620 has a waterproof housing. © Purifiertester.com

You will discover the control panel at the top of the Qlima D620. The filter and the water reservoir are placed at the rear of the dehumidifier. The Qlima D620 is equipped with wheels, so you can easily move it to another location.

Usability: operation and functions

The Qlima D620 can be operated with buttons. There is no remote control and Qlima does not have an app: you cannot operate the dehumidifier remotely. However, there are some smart functions that allow you to automate the dehumidification of the air.

You will discover the following functionalities on the control panel:

  • Turn on/off
  • Mode: dry (Dry) or dehumidify (Dehu)
  • Lock: allows you to lock buttons (child lock)
  • Set humidity
  • Activate night mode
  • Swing
  • Determine speed
  • Set timer and switch on/off
qlima d620 operating panel
The control panel of the Qlima D620. © Purifiertester.com

The Qlima D620 is easy to operate and the display is easy to read. It is nice that there is a night mode: this turns off the display and the air purifier makes less noise. By the way, the air purifier doesn’t make much noise at its highest setting: my decibel meter measures a noise level of 45 decibels, making it a silent dehumidifier.

Determine the humidity yourself

With the Qlima D620 you can set the humidity yourself. You can choose from 40%, 50%, 60% or 70%. I recommend that you maintain a humidity of 50%. You can also set how long the air should be dehumidified using a timer.

Maintenance: emptying, cleaning and replacing filters

An important part of a dehumidifier is maintenance. As you may know, a dehumidifier is equipped with a water reservoir. You should empty these regularly. In addition, a good dehumidifier is equipped with (several) filters that you must regularly replace or clean.

Empty the Qlima D620 water tank

The Qlima D620 indicates with the help of an orange light that the water tank is full. The ‘tank full’ indicator light will also light up. The dehumidifier switches off automatically when this is the case.

Emptying the water tank is easy. You can easily click it out of the device, after which you can empty it above the sink. You can also choose to use the supplied drain hose. Then you no longer have to empty it manually.

qlima d620 water tank
The water tank of the Qlima D620. © Purifiertester.com

Clean and replace filters

Under the hood of the Qlima D620 I discover three different filters:

  • Mesh filter (pre-filter): for removing large dust particles
  • 3M HAF-Filter: for removing polluted air particles
  • Active carbon filter: for removing odors
qlima d620 filters
The different filters. © Purifiertester.com

The filters can easily be removed from the rear of the air purifier. You can carefully vacuum the mesh filter to ensure a good airflow. You do not need to replace this filter.

Qlima does not indicate a precise replacement frequency, but reports that you can see from the color of the filter whether it needs to be replaced. A new filter is white; as you use it it will get darker and darker. With a dark gray color you need to replace the filter. You must replace the active carbon filter at the same time.

A new filter is white; as you use it it will get darker and darker. With a dark gray color you need to replace the filter.

Qlima D620 dehumidifier specifications

Now that we have tested everything, we can list the specifications of the Qlima D620.

SpecificationTest result
Airflow160 m3/h
Cleaning area54 m2
Min. working temperature16°C
Noise level45 decibels
Water tank capacity4 liters
FiltersMesh filter, HAF filter, active carbon filter
Dimensions(59*24.2*34.6 cm)
Pricefrom $ 250
© Purifiertester.com

Conclusion Qlima D620 review

The Qlima D620 is a dehumidifier that you can also use to dry a room. The dehumidifier is suitable for rooms up to 54 square meters with a minimum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. The Qlima D620 is therefore not suitable for large, cold cellars.

The dehumidifier is very easy to operate. Note: you cannot operate it remotely. You don’t get a remote control and there is also no application for your smartphone. Thanks to the large 4-liter water tank, you don’t have to empty the Qlima D620 often. Don’t want to empty it at all? Then you can use a supplied drain hose.

In summary: are you looking for an easy-to-use dehumidifier for a small space? Then you’re making a very good choice with the Qlima D620.


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