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With the partnership, Purifiertester wants to do something for the throwaway society © Purifiertester.com

From now on, Purifiertester.com is an official partner of the Repair Café foundation. With this collaboration, Purifiertester.com wants to prevent the unnecessary disposal of air purifiers. Visitors to the independent air purifier platform are advised to have their air purifier repaired at a Repair Café meeting nearby.

Have your air purifier repaired at a Repair Café

An air purifier can malfunction. For example, it can no longer be switched on, it suddenly makes a lot of noise or it can no longer be controlled remotely. These are common problems that can almost always be fixed quickly. “At Purifiertester.com I regularly receive questions about air purifiers“, emphasizes Bram Tigchelaar, founder of Purifiertester.com.

These problems often have to do with poor maintenance of the air purifier, but not always. It is then difficult to find out the solution remotely and solve the problem for someone. A Repair Café meeting then offers solutions, because a repairman has the air purifier can then analyze better,” continues Bram Tigchelaar.

A Repair Café meeting then offers solutions, because a repairer can then better analyze the air purifier

Free to attend Repair Café meetings

Stichting Repair Café regularly organizes meetings to repair appliances together. These meetings are free and are organized in many different locations. There are repairers on site who are happy to help get the air purifier working again.

The video below shows what a Repair Café meeting looks like.

How Purifiertester.com supports the Repair Café foundation

Purifiertester.com will actively refer its visitors to Repair Café meetings when a repair seems necessary. In addition, Smart Brothers, the company behind Purifiertester.com, of which Vacuumtester.com is also a part, also made a financial contribution.


Bram Tigchelaar

Bram Tigchelaar

Bram is the co-founder of Purifiertester.com. Together with his brother, he gives advice for cleaner air quality in your home. He combines decades of experience in the world of air quality products with a passion for product testing. Questions about his approach? Feel free to send him a message!

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