The New Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1 can Heat and Cool your Home

shark air purifier 3-in-1
The new Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1 © SharkNinja via PrNewswire

Shark has announced a new air purifier. This Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1 has an air purifier, a fan and a heater. This allows you to enjoy clean air with the comfort of the perfect air temperature.

Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1 with True HEPA

As a user, you can easily choose from three different options: purified air, purified warm air or purified air for comfort at all times. As a result, according to Shark, there is a mode ‘for everyone in the house’. “That means no more fighting over the thermostat, even if households prefer different temperatures,” Shark said in the announcement.

Thermal Comfort Control Technology

Thermal Comfort Control technology intelligently adjusts and maintains the desired temperature while heating the room without overheating. In warmer months, the opposite happens. If you opt for only purified air, the air will be purified at the current temperature.

In our second year of air purification, we are excited to continue growing in this category with new and improved technology that delivers even more benefits to positively impact people’s lives”, said Julien Levesque, Vice President of Product Development at SharkNinja.

Rooms up to 1000 square meters

The Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1 is designed to purify the air of rooms up to 500 square meters. Do you have a larger space that you want to purify? Then you can opt for the more extensive Shark 3-in-1 MAX. It can purify areas up to 1000 square meters. This can be especially useful in offices.

Clean Sense IQ and Nanoseal Filter

Under the hood of the new air purifier is Shark’s Clean Sense IQ technology. This means that the air quality is constantly monitored and starts automatically when necessary. Thanks to this technology, you don’t have to keep an eye on anything. Do you want that? Then you can view the air data in real time on the control panel of the air purifier.

In addition, there is also a Nanoseal filter. This is very interesting for households with pets, as it can also filter odors and dander from the air. “With true HEPA filtration that captures bad pet odors and dander, the consumer’s furry roommate can roam freely around the room without trapping allergens or odors” said Shark.

Buy Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1: Price and Availability

The Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1 comes in two options: the large Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1 Max for $449.99 and the more compact Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1 for $399.99. The new air purifiers are available immediately through or through other major retailers, including Amazon.

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