New Apple Homepod has built-in air quality sensors

new apple homepod air quality
The new Apple Homepod © Apple Press

The newly announced Apple Homepod features air quality sensors. The smart speaker can monitor temperature, monitor humidity and detect smoke and carbon monoxide.

Monitor temperature and humidity

The Apple Homepod is a smart speaker that supports voice assistant Siri. The new smart home protocol Matter and – of course – Apple HomeKit are also supported by the new Apple HomePod. But what really makes us happy at are the built-in air quality sensors.

With the new Apple Homepod you can monitor the current temperature and humidity. You can view and analyze this on your smartphone. In fact, you can create a smart home scenario.

For example, you could activate an air fan or a humidifier when a certain value is measured. Here you need a device that is compatible with HomeKit, for example the recently launched Smartmi Air Circulator Fan.

Built-in smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector

In addition to the air quality sensors, there is also a sensor that can detect smoke and/or carbon monoxide. In that case, the new Apple Homepod will emit a sound signal and you will receive a notification on your iPhone. This can be useful when you are not at home.

Apple Homepod release date and price

Although the release date of the new Apple Homepod is February 3, 2023, you can already pre-order it now. The Apple Homepod costs 299 dollars in the United States and 349 euros in Europe.


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