Levoit Vital 200S Launched: Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

levoit vital 200s air purifier
The new Levoit Vital 200S has a U-shaped air inlet © Levoit

Levoit has announced a new air purifier: the Levoit Vital 200S. The air purifier is equipped with a three-layer HEPA filter system.

Levoit Vital 200S

The Vital 200S is Levoit’s latest air purifier. It is suitable for homes from 35 to 88 square meters. The Levoit Vital 200S has a CADR rating of 416 m³/h. The air purifier is able to clean rooms of 35 square meters five times an hour. The minimum working temperature is 14 degrees Celsius.

U-shaped air inlet

A striking new feature of the Levoit Vital 200S is the U-shaped air intake. This would make it easier to catch animal hair and reduce the chance of blockages.

Perfect for pet owners, this air purifier’s large U-shaped air inlet helps prevent fur clogs so the filtration system can always do its job efficiently“, aldus Levoit.

Three-layer HEPA filter system

The air purifier is equipped with a HEPA 13 filter with a filter level of 99.97%. The air purifier is also equipped with an active carbon filter, so that odors can be neutralized.

Like many other air purifiers, the air purifier is equipped with a night mode. Interesting if you want to place the air purifier in the bedroom. In night mode, the noise level is reduced to just 24 decibels.

Smart air purifier

The Levoit Vital 200S is a smart air purifier. With the VeSync app you can operate the air purifier, monitor the filter life and receive updates on the air quality. In addition, you can operate the air purifier with voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Buy Levoit Vital 200S: release date and price

The Levoit Vital 200S is immediately available for purchase in the Levoit webshp. The purifier costs $189.99. Whether and for what amount the air purifier will be offered in Europe is not yet known.

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