IKEA VINDSTYRKA: new air sensor for your smart home

ikea vindstyrka
The new IKEA VINDSTYRKA smart home air sensor © IKEA

IKEA has launched a new air quality sensor: IKEA VINDSTYRKA, a smart indoor air sensor. Unlike its predecessor, the IKEA VINDRIKTNING, the new air sensor is equipped with smart home functions.

IKEA VINDSTYRKA smart air sensor

The IKEA VINDSTYRKA is equipped with a display. Here you can read how many polluted particles are in the air. With the help of three colors – red, orange and green – you can see at a glance how the air quality is doing. You can also view the current temperature and see how high the humidity is.

Smart home integrations

You can view the air quality data and measurements in the IKEA Home smart app. Here you could also make links with other smart home products. It is not yet known whether measurements will also be visible with Apple HomeKit. In that case, you can use the measurements for more applications within your smart home.

To use the functions you need an IKEA Dirigera hub, reports iPhone-Ticker. The old Tradfri smart home hub will not work with this new indoor smart air sensor.

To use the features you need an IKEA Dirigera hub

IKEA VINDSTYRKA price and availability

The release date of the IKEA VINDSTYRKA has not yet been announced. IKEA has also not yet announced anything about the price of this new air sensor. It is to be expected that the price will not be very high: if we look at the older IKEA VINDRIKTNING, it was only 15 euros.

Bram Tigchelaar

Bram Tigchelaar

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