How to Clean Winix Air Purifier: Exterior and Interior

how to clean winix air purifier
Cleaning your Winix air purifier regularly is important ©
In short: it is important that you regularly clean a Winix air purifier. The pre-filter is the only filter that you can clean, the other filters must be replaced regularly. Also cleaning the outside of the device to maintain good cleaning performance.

An air purifier cleans the air, after which you can enjoy better air quality. Polluting particles are purified from the air, after which clean air is blown back. To ensure that an air purifier can do this well, it is important that you clean the device regularly. And that goes beyond just vacuuming the pre-filter.

If you have a Winix air purifier, you’ve come to the right place. I have made a complete guide on how to clean a Winix air purifier and what you should pay attention to.

Why clean a Winix air purifier?

Although it feels like vacuuming a vacuum cleaner, regular cleaning of an air purifier is very important. For example, if there is a layer of dust on top of your Winix air purifier, there is a good chance that this will be spread further in the room when the air purifier blows out air. I list the main reasons to maintain the Winix air purifier:

  • Prevents further spread of dust particles
  • Less chance of Winix air purifier getting clogged
  • Replace and/or clean the air purifier filter less often
  • Longer life of air purifier and parts

As I indicated, cleaning goes beyond just washing and/or replacing filters. Let’s take a quick look at how to clean the air purifier completely.

You should pay close attention to this when cleaning

It is very important to mention that you should never use soap or detergents when cleaning a Winix air purifier. This is highlighted in each Winix User Manual1Usear Manual,

It is very important to mention that you should never use soap or detergents when cleaning a Winix air purifier.

The following points are very important:

  • Unplug the air purifier and wait for the unit to cool down
  • Never attempt repairs yourself
  • Never use sprays or highly flammable agents
  • Keep children away when you clean or maintain a Winix air purifier

With the above points in mind, we can start cleaning.

Winix air purifier cleaning filters

There is only one filter with a Winix air purifier that you can actually clean: the pre-filter. The other Winix filters are not washable (active carbon filter, True HEPA filter) and you will have to replace them regularly.

You can clean the pre-filter as follows:

  1. Remove the front panel from the Winix air purifier
  2. Pull the pre-filter out of the air cleaner
  3. Carefully vacuum the pre-filter with a soft dusting brush
  4. Gently wash the pre-filter with room temperature water
  5. Let the filter dry for at least 24 hours

Do not replace the filter until it is completely dry. View more information about cleaning a Winix filter.

How to Clean Winix Filter
The Winix pre-filter is the only filter that is washable. ©

Winix air purifier interior and exterior cleaning

In addition to cleaning filters, it is also important to clean the Winix air purifier itself. This is best done with a damp cloth (water at room temperature). Wipe the outside of the air purifier clean.

cleaning winix air purifier exterior
Don’t forget to clean the outside with a damp cloth. ©

Then remove all filters from the air purifier, so that you have enough space to clean the inside. Again, use a compact vacuum cleaner with a soft dusting brush.

Watch a video of the complete cleaning step-by-step plan below.

How often to clean Winix air purifier?

Now that we know how to thoroughly clean the Winix air purifier, it is also good to know how often you should do this. Winix reports that you should clean the interior/exterior of the air purifier every 1 to 2 months. You should clean the pre-filter every 14 days. However, the cleaning frequency also depends on the following factors:

Then of course you also have to replace the filters: you have to replace the active carbon filter every 3 months. The True HEPA filter should be replaced every 12 months. Although this is not so much ‘cleaning’, it is an important part of maintenance. In fact, regularly replacing filters ensures that you have to clean less often.


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