How to Clean a Dyson Air Purifier Filter?

how to clean dyson air purifier filter
The filters of a Dyson air purifier. ©
In short: it is not possible to clean a Dyson air purifier filter. The filter is replaceable. You can see in the MyDyson app when the filter needs to be replaced. View a wide range of Dyson air purifier filters here.

A Dyson air purifier is equipped with various filters. A filter ensures that very small particles can be filtered out of the air. Over time, the filter can become dirty and even clogged, leaving you with the desire to clean the filter of your Dyson air purifier.

In this manual I tell you everything you need to know about cleaning the Dyson air purifier filter and what you should pay attention to.

Why clean the Dyson purifier filter?

A Dyson air purifier works simply: air is sucked into the air purifier. This air passes through various filters, whereby polluted particles are filtered out of the air. The purified air then leaves the air purifier again and is blown back into the room.

To ensure good cleaning performance, it is important that the filter does not become clogged. You may therefore wish to clean the filter.

dirty dyson air purifier filter
The Dyson purifier filter can become contaminated. ©

The air purifier filter is not washable

While there are air purifiers with washable filters, this is not the case with Dyson. You cannot clean the Dyson air purifier filter. You should regularly replace the air purifier filter for a new one. Fortunately, they are not very expensive if you buy them in a set. Check out good options here.

You cannot clean the Dyson air purifier filter, but you must replace it with a new one.

Fortunately, replacing the filter is easy and requires no technical knowledge. It is important that you buy the right filter for your Dyson air purifier. View the manual for a Dyson air purifier filter replacement.

dyson purifier filter replacement guide
Replacing the Dyson air purifier filter is easy. ©

Check filter life in the MyDyson app

If you’re wondering when you should replace your Dyson air purifier filter, you can take a look at the MyDyson app. Here you can view the filter lifespan. Do you have an air purifier with a display? Then you can also read it on that.

Tip: Dyson luchtreiniger schoonmaken

Although you cannot clean the filter, you can clean the housing of the Dyson purifier. It is good to do this regularly: this is better for the life of the air purifier and can have a positive effect on the cleaning performance of the device. I’ve written a guide on how to clean a Dyson purifier.

In summary: the filter of a Dyson air purifier is not washable. You should regularly replace it with a new one to maintain good cleaning performance. You can clean the housing of the Dyson air purifier. Check out the best deals on new filters here.

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