How does a humidifier work?

A humidifier sprays water vapor into the air. © Canva
In short: a humidifier sprays water vapor into the air to increase the humidity. It is important to maintain the device properly, so that a humidifier can continue to do its job properly.

When the air in your home is very dry, this can have a negative effect on your skin and allergies can occur. There are several ways to increase humidity, including installing a humidifier.

But, how does such a humidifier actually work? And how can you use the device to increase the humidity in the home or a specific room? I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

This is how a humidifier works

A humidifier is a device that allows you to increase the humidity. A humidifier sprays water vapor into the air, raising the moisture level in the air. This ‘mist’ is often visible for a very short time when it is sprayed into the air, but then it disappears.

humidifier animation
A model of how a humidifier works. ©

The humidifier is equipped with a water tank that you must regularly refill with (distilled) water.

Maintenance of a humidifier is very important

To ensure that a humidifier does not spray dirt into the air, maintenance is very important. The following points are very important in terms of maintenance:

  • Refresh the water tank
  • Descaling the device
  • Keep the top of the humidifier clean

To ensure that a humidifier does not spray dirt into the air, maintenance is very important

When to choose a humidifier?

Now that we know what a humidifier can do for your home and how the device works, the question is of course whether you really need it. In my opinion, it is interesting to consider a humidifier if:

  • The humidity in the home is often low (below 40%)
  • You often suffer from dry skin or dry lips
  • You want to increase the humidity in a simple way
  • You do not yet have an air purifier with a built-in humidifier

I hope my manual has provided more clarity. Do you have any questions about how a humidifier works? Please leave a comment at the bottom of the article.


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