Dyson Filter Reset (Air Purifier Filter Life)

dyson filter reset air purifiers
You can easily reset the filter on a Dyson purifier © Purifiertester.com

An air purifier is equipped with one or more filters. These filters can wear out, become dirty and clogged. It is therefore important to replace the filter regularly. Many air purifiers have a built-in timer that keeps track of when it’s time to replace the filter. So is a Dyson air purifier.

It is important to reset the Dyson filter after replacement. Why this is important and how you do this I will tell you in this article.

Why do you need to reset the Dyson filter?

An air purifier works simply: air is sucked up by the device, after which this air is led past filters. These filters ensure that polluted particles are filtered out of the air. Think of small dust particles, bacteria and pollen. The filter may deteriorate over time, requiring you to replace it with a new one.

With a Dyson air purifier you can see on the display – if your Dyson fan has one – how long the filter can still last. If you have a ‘Dyson Link’ air purifier, you can also view this via the MyDyson app.

dyson air purifier filter life display
You can view the filter life on the display of your Dyson fan. © Purifiertester.com

To ensure that the filter lifespan is correct, it is important to reset it after replacing the filter. That way, the lifespan starts again at the beginning and you can monitor when you need to replace the Dyson filter.

Dyson HEPA filter, carbon filter and catalytic filter

A Dyson air purifier can have different types of filters. It is important to think about this briefly, because the way of resetting depends on the type of filter you are going to replace.

  • Dyson HEPA filter (all Dyson air purifiers)
  • Dyson Charcoal filter (for neutralizing odors)
  • Dyson Catalytic filter (Formaldehyde air purifiers)

The last filter does not need to be replaced.

dyson purifier filter replacement guide
A Dyson can have several types of filters. © Purifiertester.com

How to reset Dyson filter

Resetting the Dyson filter is very easy. The filter is reset via the remote control of the air purifier. Which button you use depends on the type of filter you want to reset.

  • Reset HEPA filter: when you have replaced the HEPA filter of your Dyson fan, you can reset it by pressing and holding the night mode button on the remote control for 5 seconds.
  • Reset carbon filter: Have you replaced the carbon filter? Then you can reset it by holding down the oscillation button for 5 seconds.
dyson hepa carbon filter reset
Which button you use depends on the type of filter you want to reset © Purifiertester.com

It’s a good idea to glance at your Dyson purifier’s LCD screen during the reset, if it has one. You can see it counting down. This way you know exactly when the reset is complete.

Dyson Extend filter life

How long a Dyson air purifier filter lasts depends on several factors. For example, an air purifier that is used often will need a new filter faster than a Dyson fan that is hardly ever on. The location where you place an air purifier also affects its lifespan. The air purifier filter in the bedroom will need to be replaced less quickly than when it is in the kitchen.

However, there are a number of tips that can extend the lifespan. This way you can regularly clean the Dyson air purifier and occasionally air the filter.

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