Dyson Air Purifier Filters Replacement (Pure Cool, Tower, and more)

dyson purifier filter replacement guide
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In short: it is important to replace the Dyson air purifier filter regularly. A worn filter can no longer filter the air properly. The air purifier filter is easy to replace and requires no technical knowledge. You can view the life of the filter via the display or the MyDyson app. When buying a new filter, make sure that they are suitable for your Dyson air purifier.

A Dyson air purifier is equipped with a powerful HEPA filter. Air that is sucked into the air purifier passes this filter, after which very small air particles are filtered out of the air.

To ensure that the air purifier can continue to clean the air properly, it is very important to replace the filter regularly. In this article I tell you how to replace the filter, how often you should do this and what you should pay attention to.

Why replace the Dyson air purifier filter?

Dyson air purifiers are fitted with filters that can filter pollutants and gases from the air. The HEPA filter captures up to 99.95% of particles down to 0.1 micron. In addition, an active carbon filter can also be found in most Dyson air purifiers: this removes odors and gases from the air. The different filters cannot be cleaned, but are replaceable.

This replacement is necessary, because a filter wears out and can become clogged. The more dust and polluted particles pass through the filter, the more polluted the filter becomes. A heavily polluted filter (or even clogged filter) is unable to continue filtering the air properly.

Problems if you don’t replace the filter regularly

But, that’s not the only problem. See below problems that can be caused if you do not replace the filter in time:

  • The Dyson purifier may start to smell
  • The device can suddenly make a lot of noise
  • Reduce cleaning performance
  • The lifetime of the air purifier can be greatly reduced

It should therefore be clear that it is important to change the filter in time for a new one.

How to change the Dyson air purifier filter?

Replacing Dyson air purifier filters is easy and requires no technical knowledge. You don’t need any tools either. Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the Dyson air purifier and unplug it
  2. Slide the knobs on the sides of the purifier to remove the housing
  3. Remove the filters and set them aside
  4. Take the new filters and put them back in the air cleaner in the same way
  5. Place the housing back on the Dyson purifier
dyson filter replacement display info
Information about replacing the filter on the display. © Purifiertester.com

Important: reset the filter usage time

After replacing the filter, it is very important to reset the operating time. How you do this depends on the type of filter you have replaced:

  • HEPA filter reset: press and hold the oscillation button for 5 seconds
  • Carbon filter reset: press and hold the night mode button for 5 seconds

At the end of the operating time, the Dyson purifier will count down from 5 seconds, after which a confirmation screen will appear on the display. If the filters have been successfully reset, you will see a checkmark and the air purifier is ready for use again.

How often should you replace the filter?

Now that we know how to replace the air purifier filter, it is also important to know how often you should do this. The replacement frequency depends on how often you use the air purifier and in which room it is located. If the Dyson air purifier is in the kitchen, the filter will have to be replaced more quickly than if it is in the bedroom. Learn more about where to place an air purifier.

Check filter life on display or in the MyDyson app

A Dyson air purifier indicates when it’s time to replace. You can view the filter life on the purifier’s display or via the MyDyson app. This allows you to keep track of exactly when you need to replace the filter.

dyson air purifier filter life display
View the filter life on the air purifier’s display. © Purifiertester.com

I strongly advise you to always have an extra filter at home. That way you can always replace the filter with a new one and continue to enjoy good air quality in your home. Almost every Dyson air purifier has a different filter. Therefore, make sure that the filter is suitable for your Dyson air purifier.

In summary: it is important to replace the filters of your Dyson air purifier on time. Replacing the filter is easy. Don’t forget to reset the filter run time and check regularly when they need to be replaced via the MyDyson app or via the display.

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