Benefits of an Air Purifier: Why You Should Buy an Air Purifier

benefits air purifier
An air purifier brings many benefits © Canva

If you are unsure whether you need an air purifier, it is smart to take a closer look at the benefits. An air purifier in the house can provide a number of interesting advantages. And yes, it is more than just better air quality, although of course that is paramount.

I have decided to list all the benefits of an air purifier. In this article I will tell you why it can be interesting to buy an air purifier.

Cleaning less often

An air purifier ensures that very small particles are filtered out of the air. This works as follows: an air purifier sucks up the air in a room, after which this air passes through all kinds of filters. Dust particles remain in the filter, after which clean air leaves the air purifier again.

As a result, your house will quickly become dusty and you will therefore have to clean less often. Read more about how an air purifier works.

Less chance of allergic reactions

Do you easily suffer from an allergic attack? Even then an air purifier can be an interesting choice. In addition to dust particles, an air purifier is – in many cases – also able to remove pollen and allergens from the air. This will make you less likely to have an allergic reaction. Think of hay fever or house dust mites.

When buying a new air purifier, it is important to pay close attention to the filters present and the level of the filters. This tells you whether an air purifier is able to filter pollen from the air.

Can filter the air for (exhaust) gases

It is important to regularly ventilate your home. However, if you live in a busy city or on a road, you cannot avoid harmful exhaust fumes entering your home. Think of exhaust fumes from passing cars.

An air purifier can also be very interesting here, as it is also (often) able to remove (exhaust) gases. Here too, it is important to take a good look at the filter level and the filters that can be found under the hood.

Can remove smelly odors from your home

An air purifier is increasingly equipped with an active carbon filter. If this is the case, an air purifier can not only purify the air, but also remove smelly odors from the air. For example, think of:

  • The smell of pets (dogs and cats)
  • Food smell from cooking
  • Bad smells

There are even air purifiers that can remove smoke smell from a home, which can be useful if you have a fireplace in the home, for example. Do you find this an interesting advantage? Then pay close attention to the presence of an active carbon filter.

air purifier active carbon filter
An air purifier with an active carbon filter can remove smelly odors from your home. © Canvas

Can destroy bacteria and viruses

If you buy a good air purifier, it will also be able to remove bacteria and viruses from the air. These particles are so small that you must have an air purifier with a very good filter. A major advantage is that bacteria and viruses can be filtered out of the air. There are even air purifiers that can break down these viruses and bacteria. This is similar to the Cryptomic filter of Dyson air purifiers.

There are even air purifiers that can break down these viruses and bacteria. This is similar to the Cryptomic filter of Dyson air purifiers.

I should note here that it does not necessarily mean that you get sick less often. Something that is often claimed by providers of air purifiers. You can still carry bacteria with you and have them on your hands, for example.

Heating and cooling the home

There are air purifiers that not only purify the air, but can also heat up or cool down a room. A good example is the recently launched Shark Air Purifier 3-in-1. This allows you to use an air purifier as an alternative to a radiator or an air conditioner.

Of course, this has the additional advantage that you can solve several problems at the same time with one device. So also a plus in terms of space consumption.

Better night’s sleep

One of the last benefits of an air purifier, but certainly not the least, is a better night’s sleep. An air purifier is therefore placed by many in the bedroom, because this is simply the room where you spend a lot of time. Read more information about where you can best place an air purifier here.


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