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In short: it is important to buy an air purifier that can clean the surface of your living room. Therefore, pay close attention to the maximum cleaning surface. Make sure you don’t place the air purifier near a window or too close to furniture or walls. View interesting air purifiers for (large) living rooms here.

If there is a room in the house where a lot happens, it is the living room. People eat, spend a lot of time and even cook with an open kitchen. It is therefore unavoidable that the air is filled with polluted particles. Think of pollen, dust particles and maybe even bacteria.

If you want to improve the air quality in the living room, simply opening a window is often not enough. An air purifier may be necessary to effectively improve air quality. But, what should you pay attention to? In other words: what is important in an air purifier for the living room?

Why an air purifier in the living room?

As I mentioned in the introduction, a lot happens in the living room. Although we often spend most of our time in the bedroom sleeping in the house, much more happens in the living room that can significantly worsen the air quality.

Polluted air can cause problems. There may even be physical complaints. A number of possible problems with poor air quality:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Headache
  • Concentration problems
  • Bad smells

Polluted air can cause problems. There may even be physical complaints.

Additional reasons for an air purifier

Every living room is different. And although as a purifier tester I would recommend an air purifier to everyone, the question is whether your living room really needs an air purifier. In a living room with the following characteristics, I advise you to consider an air purifier:

  • If the living room has few or no windows
  • The kitchen is adjacent to the living room
  • There is no central exhaust system
  • The living room is adjacent to a busy street
  • If there are often pets in the house

Important with an air purifier for the living room

Now that we know that an air purifier can be interesting, it is good to know what to look out for if you want to buy one for the living room. Because yes, where you have to pay attention to water resistance with an air purifier for the bathroom, you also have to pay attention to specific factors for a living room.

Pay attention to the following factors:

  • Suitable for the surface of the living room
  • Matches your interior, for example a black air purifier
  • That the CADR rating is high enough for the space
  • That it can oscillate for even air cleaning
  • Equipped with a child lock when children are running around in the living room
air purifier child lock
Some air purifiers have a child lock. ©

Additional needs

There are air purifiers that can do much more than just clean. For example, there are air purifiers that can heat and cool the room. If you not only want to influence the air quality, but also the temperature or humidity, it is smart to pay close attention to additional functionalities.

Where do you place an air purifier in the living room?

In my extensive manual about where to place an air purifier, I already discussed a number of important points. For example, you should not place it too close to a wall or near an open window. This can give a distorted picture of the air quality.

But where is the best place to place the device in the living room? Consider the following factors:

  • Place the air purifier in a central location
  • Do not place the air purifier too close to furniture
  • Do not place the air purifier in the walkway
  • Keep away from children and/or pets
  • Do not place the air purifier near an open window

It is of course good to know that you can always move an air purifier. If you have a very large living space, it can even be interesting to place it in a different location every now and then. In that case, it may be smart to opt for an air purifier on wheels.


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