Air Purifier for the Bathroom: is it possible?

air purifier for the bathroom guide
An air purifier in a bathroom. © Canvas
In short: there are air purifiers that are especially suitable for the bathroom. They are water resistant and are made to remove bad smells from the bathroom. There are also models that can dehumidify the air, so you have less chance of mold formation.

A bathroom is often very humid. How could it be otherwise: there is often a shower or a bath in the bathroom, which causes the humidity to rise enormously. This can cause mold spores.

With an air purifier you can prevent mold and significantly improve the air quality in the bathroom. But, can you actually use such an air purifier in a wet bathroom? And if so: what should you pay attention to when buying such an air purifier? In this article I tell you everything you need to know!

Why an air purifier in the bathroom?

There are several reasons why an air purifier in the bathroom can be a smart move. As I just mentioned, the air is often very humid in a bathroom. This can result in mold spores, which is not only bad for your health, but also for the quality of walls and window frames. It is of course not a nice view either.

However, these are not the only reason to place such an air purifier in the bathroom. The main reasons at a glance:

  • Improving air quality
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors from the toilet
  • Prevent mold formation
  • Dehumidify air

So it should be clear that it is worth considering an air purifier.

Pay attention to this with an air purifier for the bathroom

The question is of course whether such an air purifier can be placed in the bathroom. A bathroom is often very humid and you have little space to place a large appliance. Let’s see what you should pay attention to to make a good choice.

A bathroom is often very humid and you have little space to place a large appliance.

Features: Can the air purifier dehumidify?

The air in the bathroom is often extremely humid. This can cause mold to form on the windows, shower curtains and even on the walls. Fighting moisture is fine with an air purifier, if it is equipped with the function to dehumidify. This works as follows:

  1. The air purifier sucks in air
  2. The air is led to an evaporator
  3. The air is cooled at the evaporator
  4. The air condenses and is collected in a reservoir
  5. The dry air is blown back into the air

There are air purifiers that first lead the dry air past a condenser, which brings the air back to the same temperature before it is blown back into the air.

bathroom mold air purifier
Mold spores in a bathroom. © Canvas

Is it suitable for the surface of your bathroom?

An air purifier can clean the air up to a certain surface. The maximum cleaning surface is almost always stated with an air purifier. The maximum area is closely related to the CADR rating: this tells how fast an air purifier can clean the air in a given area. This is expressed in cubic meters per hour. Learn more about the CADR rating.

It is very important to know how big your bathroom is before you start looking for an air purifier. If you buy an air purifier that is suitable for a smaller surface, it will not be able to clean the bathroom completely.

Toilet in the bathroom: air purifier with active carbon filter

A toilet can be found in almost every bathroom. Of course I don’t have to explain to you why bad smells arise in a bathroom every now and then. If you also want to remove odors from the bathroom, an air purifier can help with this. It is important that the air purifier has an active carbon filter. This filter is able to remove odors.

air purifier active carbon filter
An active carbon filter can remove (toilet) odors. © Canvas

Double check whether the air purifier is suitable for humid locations

Finally, it is very important to check whether the air purifier is suitable to be placed in humid locations. Not every air purifier is water resistant. Only when you are sure that it can withstand water, you can install it.

In summary: In summary: if you want to combat mold or unpleasant odors in the bathroom, an air purifier can be a good option. The air purifier must be suitable for humid locations and preferably have a function to dehumidify the air.

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