About Purifiertester.com

Purifiertester.com is an independent platform that conducts research in the world of indoor air treatment. We test air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers using our own methodology.

Independent air purifier research

We are completely independent: we do not sell air purifiers ourselves and are not affiliated with any webshop or manufacturer of air purifiers. This gives us complete freedom to research air purifiers. Every air purifier we test, we buy with our own money. We do not accept free air purifiers to ensure our independence.

Bram Tigchelaar, one of the Smart Brothers

Bram Tigchelaar is the face behind Purifiertester.com. In 2018, Bram graduated from Hogeschool Leiden in the Netherlands.

Together with his brother Robbert Tigchelaar, he founded the company Smart Brothers in the same year, although they already started their first website about vacuum cleaners in 2012.

The brothers quickly realized that vacuum cleaners are very much related to air purifiers: these two products, like ‘brothers’, work together in harmony to promote air quality in the home.

bram tigchelaar

In 2022, it was therefore decided to set up Purifiertester.com, the vacuum cleaner website, in addition to Vacuumtester.com. Two products, two brothers, but one company with one mission: good indoor air quality (IAQ) for everyone.

about purifiertester
Bram with various air purifiers. © Purifiertester.com

Quick Facts Purifiertester.com

  • Goal: To inform visitors about the operation of air purifiers and their importance
  • Mission: make the world of air purifiers more transparent
  • Values: health, transparency and honesty
  • Founded by: Bram and Robbert Tigchelaar (Smart Brothers)
  • Contact: to the contact form

Research methodology

We test air purifiers using our own research methodology. We extensively test the following factors of an air purifier:

  • Performance: What is the CADR value of an air purifier? And what is the maximum cleaning area? We test every air purifier in the same room, so that we can compare them properly. Unlike many research centers, we test air purifiers in a ‘normal’ situation. So just at our office.
  • Design: an air purifier is often in sight. It is therefore important to also delve into the appearance of the device. Is it a nice air purifier? And what about the dimensions?
  • Usability: can you operate the air purifier via your smartphone? And what about the measurement data? Can you review and analyze these over a longer period of time? We also test the noise level here and look at the various functionalities.
  • Maintenance: each air purifier is equipped with a filter. In many cases it is not washable: you will have to replace it. We check how easy it is to replace the filter and how expensive it is. We also discuss cleaning the air purifier itself in our reviews.
shark hp100 air purifier review test
Bram during an air purifier review. © Purifiertester.com


Do you have questions about our approach or do you want to provide feedback? Then simply contact us via the contact form. Would you like to send a message to Bram? You can do so via LinkedIn.

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Company Information

Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam
File number: 7672510